10 Best Free Website Builders For 2021

If you are looking for a free site builder in 2021, you need to do some background research, compare the pros and cons of some of the leading popular site builders, and then come to a decision. Here are some of the top site builders to choose from; remember to select one that suits your business needs. You need to also understand that free site builders are the best bet when you want to build a rather basic site, not a functional ecommerce store because free plans will only offer limited storage, fewer SEO tools, and slow loading times.

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Top Free Site Builders That You Can Choose From In 2021:

  1. Wix: This is by far the best-known overall site builder that offers more than 500 customizable templates and is easy-to-use. It lets you exercise your creativity because it is feature-rich with an impressive drag-and-drop editor for your convenience. Templates are varied with built-in menu sections.
  2. Weebly: It is recommended for smaller businesses and also has a similar, easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor. Weebly also provides excellent marketing tools, scalability to expand your business, and semi-professional free domains. It is easy and quick to install and offers both free plans and paid ones for about $6-$29 a month. Tools from Weebly allow your site to get a rank even when you are starting out.
  3. WordPress.com: This is undeniably perfect for blogging and has all the necessary features and tools for a simple site design. You can enjoy features like ample storage, powerful blogging tools such as search features, built-in analytics, display categories, comments, archiving, etc but the learning curve is a tad steep.
  4. Strikingly: It is mean for simpler websites and is a both free and user-friendly. The idea is to get you a site quickly and easily. It helps to create one-page sites that are simple but elegant, and you cannot expect to enjoy as much creative freedom as with Wix.
  5. SITE123: This is also for newcomers looking to create a simple but attractive website; it is not meant for people who wish to be creative or want a slightly upgraded site design. You can get round-the-clock customer assistance, design help, and use ADI for building sites.
  6. Jimdo: It offers an excellent pre-store option because the developers have made this site builder for beginners who can get started right away. It will allow you to build a simple-looking site to provide backdrop for a Facebook store, for instance. Jimdo lets you sell up to 5 products for free and you can upgrade your plans.
  7. Webnode: This is perfect for events and caters to 30 million users. It is useful for people who cannot take much time out to creating a design for their sites and seek a builder that is easy to master.
  8. SimpleSite: This is recommended because you can edit right away from your mobiles. This simple site builder, typically suited for hobby sites, comes with a mobile editor which allows you to make changes on-the-go.
  9. IM Creator: This caters to white label businesses and helps to build a stunning site loaded with images. It is free of cost, sleek, and may be difficult to navigate. You can access templates meant for a variety of industries while its editor is a cut above the rest.
  10. Mozello: It is user-friendly with simple features and blogging tools and allows you to build simple multilingual sites. Its free plans let you create an online store to sell almost 10 products.